Health Care and Small Business

Some of my recent health care stories from Businessweek:

Health Reform’s Small Business Confusion: Many companies still don’t know how the law will affect them.

Getting a Grip on Medicine’s Slippery Price Tag: How the cost of basic tests can vary widely depending on what doctor you see.

Small Business Makes a Risky Bet on Health Care: Why more small companies are dropping traditional insurance to go it alone, and how that could threaten the effectiveness of health reform.

Ranking Top-Performing Companies: The BBW50

I spent some time working behind the scenes to help put together this package on top-performing companies in the S&P 500 that’s in this week’s Bloomberg Businessweek. The great work of our designers, who had a four-page spread to play with, isn’t fully reflected online, so you should go buy the magazine to get the full experience.

Also: Today on, a look back at Obama’s year-old effort to cut red tape, and why it isn’t as simple as he makes it sound.