Selected Reporting

Millions of Americans Could Face Surprise Emergency Room Bills in January
[Dec. 7, 2018]

Thousands of People’s Insurance Appeals Went to a Doctor Feds Say Is a Fraud
[Oct. 2, 2018]

Priced Out of Health Insurance, Some Americans Rig Their Own Safety Nets
[Aug. 22, 2018]

Sky-High Deductibles Broke the U.S. Health Insurance System
[June 26, 2018]

Air Ambulances Are Flying More Patients than Ever, And Leaving Massive Bills Behind
[June 11, 2018]

Drug Prices Drive Many Americans to Black Market for Medicines
[May 18, 2018]

Why Some Americans Are Risking It And Skipping Health Insurance
[March 26, 2018]

Kentucky’s Medicaid Work Requirement Is an About-Face
[Jan. 18, 2018]

A Hospital Giant Discovers That Collecting Debts Pays Better Than Curing Ills
[Dec. 18, 2017]

The Little Blue Pill: An Oral History of Viagra
[Dec. 11, 2017]

How Trump’s Immigration Crackdown Threatens Obamacare
[Nov. 2, 2017]

Trump Slows Efforts to Cut Health Care Costs
[Oct. 5, 2017]

Surviving a Heroin Overdose May Soon Depend on Where You Live
[Sept. 14, 2017]

The FDA’s Consumer Protection Warnings Are Falling Under Trump
[Aug. 28, 2017]

Americans Are Dying Younger, Saving Corporations Billions
[Aug. 8, 2017]

With or Without Obamacare, Health-Care Costs Are Battering the Middle Class
[July 27, 2017]

America’s Rich Will Get Richer, Its Poor Poorer With Obamacare Repeal
[July 11, 2017]

How Baking Soda Could Help Fight Deadly Superbugs
[June 27, 2017]

The World is Getting Fatter and No One Knows How to Stop It
[April 6, 2016]

Zika is the Next Front in the Mosquito Wars
[Feb. 4, 2016]

How Red Meat Joined the 478 Other Things that Might Give You Cancer
[Oct. 26, 2015]

This Medical Charity Made $3.3 Billion from a Single Pill
[July 7, 2015]

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