Paying the Home Care Workforce

The fastest growing jobs in the U.S. are home care workers who assist the elderly or infirm who can’t take care of themselves. The government is reviewing laws that exempt some of those workers from certain overtime and minimum wage requirements and could force the industry to raise pay.

(Also, another piece in Bloomberg Businessweek last year examined the patchwork of regulation in the home care business.)

Ranking Top-Performing Companies: The BBW50

I spent some time working behind the scenes to help put together this package on top-performing companies in the S&P 500 that’s in this week’s Bloomberg Businessweek. The great work of our designers, who had a four-page spread to play with, isn’t fully reflected online, so you should go buy the magazine to get the full experience.

Also: Today on, a look back at Obama’s year-old effort to cut red tape, and why it isn’t as simple as he makes it sound.