Health Care and Small Business

Some of my recent health care stories from Businessweek:

Health Reform’s Small Business Confusion: Many companies still don’t know how the law will affect them.

Getting a Grip on Medicine’s Slippery Price Tag: How the cost of basic tests can vary widely depending on what doctor you see.

Small Business Makes a Risky Bet on Health Care: Why more small companies are dropping traditional insurance to go it alone, and how that could threaten the effectiveness of health reform.

Paying the Home Care Workforce

The fastest growing jobs in the U.S. are home care workers who assist the elderly or infirm who can’t take care of themselves. The government is reviewing laws that exempt some of those workers from certain overtime and minimum wage requirements and could force the industry to raise pay.

(Also, another piece in Bloomberg Businessweek last year examined the patchwork of regulation in the home care business.)

Rehabbing Cancer Survivors

This week on, my profile of Julie Silver, a Harvard rehab physician and breast cancer survivor whose startup trains healthcare providers to rehabilitate cancer patients. When I started reporting this, I was surprised to learn most cancer survivors get very little rehab care, the kind of therapies that are standard for people after strokes, heart attacks, or traumatic injuries. For a deeper dive into the problem, read this piece from Kaiser Health News and the Washington Post.