New Laws for Sustainable Companies in California

Today on my story about two new California laws designed for socially responsible businesses. Outdoor gear maker Patagonia is testing one, known as the benefit corporation. The other, called the flexible purpose corporation, became law at the same time, and there’s a surprising amount of conflict between the competing visions of the future for sustainable companies.

I covered the early efforts to pass laws like these in Businessweek back in 2010.

Better Rebuilding After Earthquakes (plus: Newt Inc.)

In this week’s Bloomberg Businessweek, my story on how Elizabeth Hausler and Build Change are teaching earthquake survivors in Haiti and Indonesia to rebuild with stronger, more sustainable methods, and challenging the way a lot of post-disaster aid groups work.

Also this week, a look at Newt Gingrich’s various business, nonprofit, political, and literary interests. (Click on the picture on the right to see the graphic as it ran in the magazine.)